So begins adventure…

Norrath: Age of Turmoil development began in proper in March 2021 as a culmination of decades of desire and attempts to create unique gaming experiences with EverQuest’s assets. Sometime in the year 2000 I managed to extract the EverQuest dragitem icons and made an inventory system for RPG Maker and later, GameMaker. Every couple years I would go on a search to see the progress being made with model extraction. Eventually we got some zone art and later some characters out but with many caveats and problems. That changed as the LanternEQ Project geared up. LanternEQ is a full EverQuest client replacement project, and to create such a thing you need to extract EverQuest’s assets. Luckily for us all, the team has released their extraction tools and continue to enhance them. Though still a daunting process, bringing EQs art into Unity was finally more streamlined.

As I played with these tools, I began to create various projects with them including a Souls-like adventure RPG. After a month of so of on-and-off development, my focus was pulled to other projects. As we start heading towards a new Lantern alpha build as well as s3d repacks of Lanterns amazing HD textures by modestlaw, I wanted to get enhance the game to really show off what Lantern, Unity, the Asset Store, and some desire can accomplish with this toolset.

My hope is to release an early cut with a couple of playable levels in the next coming months and will work on additional content for Age of Turmoil from time to time in the future.

Thank you for coming along on this adventure!

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